Recommendations and Resources 



I’ll provide tools and recommendations on my favorite resources here. From books to credit cards, to calculators and more. I’ll bring you the best resources I can find in hopes of saving you time and money. Be sure to check back!


The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing – If you only have time to read one book about investing, this is the one I would recommend. It’s short and sweet and packed full of the best advice. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad – So many great lessons on assets and liabilities in this book. Very easy to read and packed with value.

Early Retirement Extreme – Extreme is right, this book is packed full of extreme frugality and philosophy that develop you into a bit of a renaissance man. Provide for yourself and develop your skill set rather than outsourcing everything in your life. Full of actionable items, some things may be too much for you but I’m sure this will open your mind to some new possibilities. 

Your Money or Your Life – This book will help you change your mindset about money and open you up to the possibilities and benefits of not following the crowd. 

A Random Walk Down Wall Street – This book breaks down the stock market over the years and explains that basically you can’t predict it so don’t try to time it and don’t waste the effort on individual stocks. This lesson is so vital even if the book isn’t the most entertaining to read.

The Total Money Makeover – I highly recommend Dave Ramsey if you’re new to the personal finance realm and struggling with debt. It’s simple and actionable. 

The Millionaire Next Door – This book was an eyeopener to me about how the average first generation millionaires came to be and their lifestyles. 


My favorite new way to diversify my investments is with Lending Club. This is peer to peer lending and it’s very efficient. The returns are impressive so far with the median investor income at 7.4% Although this is a fairly new company, they have partnered with Google so you know it’s legit. I use the automated investing feature and currently invest in the C-G Funds. The investments are highly diversified by investing only $25 per loan.


This is my go to company for investing, practically the lowest expense ratios around and great service. I’ve been working with Vanguard for about 10 years now and I have nothing but great things to say about the company.

Mint is my favorite free online budgeting tool to use when I’m not using excel to run different scenarios. You can consolidate all your accounts to track net worth, setup expense alerts and monitor bills. 

All Things Credit

This is a great free site for monitoring your credit. They have tools and recommendations. I like that they send you email alerts for any red flags on your credit. This is highly recommenced because I’ve met many individuals who don’t track their credit and don’t realize they have an issue until it’s too late. Usually it’s right when they’re trying to make a major purchase. 

If you just want to get your free credit report, this is the site for you. Don’t confuse it with many other sites like that trick you into signing up for a paid credit monitoring service. 

Side Hustles

AirBnB – This is such a great way to make money off of a spare bedroom or even your entire place when you go on vacation. You can make about three times as much on average vs having a full time roommate! Also an excellent alternative to staying in hotels. Use this link to get a $20 credit to your account!


Uber – An excellent opportunity to bring in some extra money for yourself as a side gig or save a couple bucks compared to using a taxi. Get $15 off your first ride here!


If you’re interested in starting your own blog, I’ve created a tutorial for you here. I’d definitely recommend Host Gator for your hosting needs. It’s what I’m using for multiple sites that I manage and I’ve very happy with the price and quality service. You can check them out here. Save 25% using the coupon code FINANCE25

Someone want’s to hear what you have to say, you know you’re an expert on something. Start generating passive income today, websites are so cheap. It’s a tiny investment with huge upside potential. If all else fails, it’s fun!


Dropbox – I love being able to backup my files online or share and transfer quickly. This is my top solution right now. I can send from my phone and transfer files between all my devices and even friends with minimum hassle. I use the free plan! You get 2GB and if you do a couple quick tasks like take their tour, and install on other devices you can get 50GB free for 2 years! Love it.

Outdoor/Athletic Gear Discounts

For my military friends: Save up to 70% off many major brands (Prodeals) here: I’ve saved thousands of dollars buying hiking, biking and camping gear. (It’s free to join)