Side Hustle-Podcasting

Side Hustle-Podcasting

Podcasting can help you bring in some income as a side hustle. You can promote your brand and draw in listeners. Some of the ways to monetize your podcast are through sponsors, affiliate sales or promoting your products. If you want to learn how to setup a microphone and mixer, checkout my setup video! I walk through setup and then testing and recording with Audacity.

You’re going to need a microphone, a mixer and recording software. Here’s my setup.

Here’s the Microphone-Heil PR40 
Shock Mount
Heil Boom 
BSW RE27POP Filter 
Xeny 802 Mixer 
Here’s the cable I use from the mixer to my sound card 
BSW Mic Cable – To connect the mic to the mixer

I’ll show you how to setup your Heil PR40 with a Xenyx 802 mixer to your sound card. We’ll connect to Audacity and go over initial settings as well. This should help you with troubleshooting microphone problems and initial setup for your podcasting and voice over needs.

Download Audacity here:
Lame Encoder

Once you record your audio, you’ll need to edit it and then upload to a host such as or Then you can submit your feed to iTunes and Stitcher. Good luck!